Thanks for dropping by,  call and come out and party soon!   

This our 21st year of hosting parties!  It's time to come join all the fun.   YOU MUST BE OVER AGE 21.  We allow couples & single ladies but we limit single males.

Just give us a call and make plans to come out soon...& often!  To attend our parties we must speak to you by phone.  Phone r
eservations are required ahead for our Saturday nite & our Sunday daytime  parties.    

Just give us a call after 10am Tues-Sun & we can give you all the info.  

Call us after 10am until 8pm @ 1-951-360-6156 or 1-951-681-0991.   

Everyone must always call us direct to make party reservations.  Please call in time for a spot if you want to come to a party.  Our Saturday party starts at 8pm and ends at 2am.  Our Sunday party starts at noon and ends at 6pm with a fresh cooked and grilled lunch along the way. 

Call ahead, you can reach us from 10am Tues through Sunday  & get all the info for our weekend parties and you can reserve to come party on Saturday nites and/or Sunday afternoons.   We look forward to speaking with you and seeing you at the parties.  
   -Gary and Margaret

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                                  Have a great week, come party on the weekend! ;-))