WELCOME TO WENDI'S WORLD  :D  lol. 

                 I've been in the Lifestyle for a hundred years!  lol   Just kidding, but seriously, a long time! I even hadmy own club back when there were just 3 places to go!   For many  years I've been doing all of Gary and Margaret's online things, their websites, all their groups, as well as all emails,  the posting on the groups, approving everyone for the groups,  etc, etc, etc. AND have attended their parties since their beginning and have actually known G&M since before they got married.

         But now that I've moved farther away from the parties I don't get to go as often as I did's 89 miles one way for me now!  and I've since also found out there's no one in the high desert to do things with  & there are no clubs or parties. :(    So, I've come up with a bright idea: I want to start a small PRIVATE SENIOR Social Club of my own up here for long lasting quality longterm friendships!  Our quest/creed is loving life's liberty in our  social connecting club group.   I am reinventing the wheel in that I am starting AN ABSOLUTELY PRIVATE  SENIOR SOCIAL SOCIETY OF PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY WITH A VERY  STRICT INTERVIEW AND VETTING PROCESS.  THE GOAL IS FOR AN ESTABLISHED SOCIAL CONNECTION ENVELOPING MANY AREAS OF LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF OUR HAPPINESS AND GOOD TIMES AND SHARING AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS WE EACH CHOOSE.  THIS IS ONLY FOR  MARRIED OLDER ESTABLISHED  COUPLES &  A LIMITED # OF SINGLE FOLKS.   With strict application and vetting for potential members we will have private membership so all can enjoy sharing many many places, times, events, M&G's etc, and even some travel.  

WE FURTHER THE CAUSE OF GREAT FRIENDSHIPS AND  EVERYTHING IS BASED IN FRIENDSHIP, instead ofthe run of the mill 'shallowness' of the LS.   Friendships are absolutely our reason for being,  and our mantra,  and will rule all our events,  M&G's & outings and even our parties & travel, etc, etc, etc.,  :))



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