Gary & Margarets

Welcome to Gary and Margaret's !    

Call and come help us celebrate many many years of fun active parties! 

We're NOW at 18 ++ years and counting!    

 CALL US AND Come enjoy your down time to party and play.  We have a fabulous place

here for you!   Come have fun, mix and mingle, we host every Saturday nite & Sunday afternoonS.  We have a great place to have fun and relax IN.  Call and come soon!   

Couples & single people attend our parties & the parties are made up of all ages,

colors, & sizes of folks with all levels of experience. Remember,  you're only a

stranger once.  Call us, we look forward to speaking with you &  We'll see you soon!  


-Everyone must make reservations.  -You must be over age 21.  -No drugs are allowed! do not bring to our home!!  -NO CELL PHONES @ THE PARTY! LEAVE THEM AT THE DESK WITH MARGARET OR IN YOUR CAR.     -You may BYOB, but No excessive drinking, we'll ask you to leave.     -Enter at your own risk and no diving or roughhousing in the pool.   **Do not block the pool steps in any way!  & assist others with a hand as they step in**  -Remember, NO means no. Always call for reservations.  -We only allow smoking outside but please be aware others have allergies to cig. smoke so be considerate when smoking in others' presence as smoke tends to hover at water level, you can step over to the sitting area to smoke & then come back in the water.  - Bring your own protection if you intend to play.

 Our Schedule

We host every Saturday nite  & also on Sunday afternoon. Call 951-360-6156 or 951-681-0991

Call 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday. Sundays, call after 9am TIL 3pm. 
Don't wait to make reservations, we may fill up. 

Gary and Margarets