This is our 21st year of hosting parties! 

It's time for you to come join all the fun.

Just give us a call and make plans to come out soon and often!

To attend our parties we must speak to you by phone. Phone reservations are required ahead for our Saturday nite & our Sunday daytime  parties.   Just give us a call after 10am Tues-Sun & we can give you all the info. 

  It's time to come join in the fun! Ca
ll us after 10am @ 1-951-360-6156 or 1-951-681-0991.    Everyone must always call us direct to make party reservations.  Please call in time for a spot if you want to come to a party. 

We allow couples and single ladies, but must limit the number of single males.

Call ahead, you can reach us from 10am Tues through Sunday  & get all the info for our weekend parties.  

Come party on Saturday nites and/or Sunday afternoons:

  Our Saturday party starts at 8pm and ends at 2am.  Our Sunday party starts at noon and ends at 6pm with a fresh cooked and grilled lunch along the way.

Give us a call after 10am up til 8pm, we look forward to speaking with you.

   -Gary and Margaret

      (& wendi)