IT'S A BIG ANNIVERSARY YEAR!!!  2016 is OUR 21st year! 



We've been hosting parties for you for over 20 years. 

Reservations required by calling us  @  1-951-360-6156 or  1-951-681-0991after 10am. 

    We host parties for adults over 21, & allow couples, single ladies, & a few single men.  Phone reservations are always required for everyone!   DON'T WAIT TIL LAST MINUTE TO RESERVE.  Come make some new friends at our party!   Our parties are Saturday nites & Sunday afternoons.    Call us, NO TEXTS!  Always call for schedule.  Give us a call & come enjoy your down time to party & play.  We have a fabulous place here for you, come have fun, mix & mingle.  Come  join in on all the fun!  We'll be having fun active pool parties all YEAR!  Give us a call after 9am @  951-360-6156 or 951-681-0991  Tuesday -Sunday.  DO NOT TEXT US, THESE ARE LANDLINES, CALL US! 

The parties are on Saturday & Sundays, 50 weekends a year!  We party winter, spring, summer and fall! 

     Our Schedule from September to  January 1, 2017

  • Labor Day weekend pool parties on Saturday nite and Sunday afternoon BBQ.
  • We'll party on up to the middle of December, then close about a week before Christmas & a week after to get ready for our big end of year party.
  • BIG Annual New Year's Eve Party 12-31! Reservations will open 10am on 12/26. 
  • January 1st we close for about a week to get ready for a whole new year of parties.  Then we party  all of 2017!

  Come play! We have a fantastic playground for you with many places to party and play or just to talk. Give us a call in time  to grab a spot and come meet everyone. We get all ages, all colors, all sizes, all levels of experience!  We have regulars who come out all the time and we always get new folks too, so yes, you will fit in.....we are all very friendly folks who want to meet others, so come play!  We host great parties about 50 weekends a year every year,  & have for over 20 years!  The parties are Saturday nites & also Sunday afternoons.

Phone reservations are always required, give us a call after 9am Tuesday thru Sunday. Weekdays you can reach us up til 7pm. On Saturday you can call up til 10pm if you can get here before midnite.  On Sundays you can call us as long as you can get here in time! We serve a full hot buffet lunch at around 2pm, so get here for that! 

Be sure to call us in time to get a spot! We have big parties & may fill up, so call us. Our parties are every Saturday nite &  Every Sunday afternoon with a BBQ.  


     -Couples $50 (must arrive together & leave together)
     -S.L. gratis Saturday. Sunday party with buffet is just $5. 
     -Single Male -$80.  We limit single males, you must be preapproved to attend. Call  to get preapproved.

For all the info give us a call Tuesday -Sunday after 10am @ 1-951-360-6156 or 1-951-681-0991 &

you can reach us up til 9pm.    DO NOT  TEXT, THESE ARE LAND LINES. WE DON'T RESPOND TO TEXTS. 

CALL, come enjoy your down time to party & play.  Our parties are only on Saturday nites and Sunday afternoons unless it's New Year's Eve and that happens whatever day it's on :D


All of us here at Gary & Margaret's look forward to meeting you! 
      - Gary & Margaret  

         &   our webgal wendi. (If you need a website contact wendi, click the red button below.)

Welcome to Gary & Margaret's!